Justin Tyner: Light as Memory: Recollections through Stained Glass

Philadelphia-based artist Justin Tyner will illuminate Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens’ galleries with his handmade stained glass creations. The exhibition, Light as Memory, perfectly complements the materials that glisten throughout the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens’ site. READ MORE.

Justin Tyner: Transforming Glass

Philadelphia International Airport Exhibit - July 19, 2016 - February 5, 2017

Terminal A-West

“If you stand in front of a stained glass window you can feel the light, the warmth of it, and that feeling can be transformative.” – Justin Tyner

Philadelphia artist Justin Tyner creates contemporary stained glass medallions using found glass – particularly, circular bottoms of broken bottles. Tyner salvages his materials from throughout the city and from a unique location known as Bottle Beach in New York where thousands of bottles wash ashore. He also collects unusable historical stained glass remnants and scraps from his work place Beyer Studio, Philadelphia. With his amassed collection of glass, he refines the shape of each one and collectively composes them to create larger circular forms that feature various sizes, colors, and patterns. Tyner is inspired by color and the translucency of colored glass. The details within each of his compositions are reminiscent of viewing into a kaleidoscope of abstracted, dazzling, light filled colors. READ MORE.


Justin Tyner's 'Stained Glass Psychedelic' Portal on South Broad Street

Inspired by a big hole in a fence that he spotted along South Broad Street (at Washington avenue) when seeing the Mummer’s this year, Philly glass artist Justin Tyner decided to create a stained glass ‘psychedelic portal’ along with the help of his son Hendrix and his son’s friend Adrianna… LOVE this! READ MORE.


Justin Tyner's Beautiful New South Philly Glass Art Installations

I’ve been a fan of stained glass artist Justin Tyner since he and I sort of inhabited the same apartment building in the mid 2000s. So it was especially exciting when, last week, he invited me and Streets Dept.’s Conrad along to ride shotgun/document his installation of a couple of site-specific pieces in the Italian Market. READ MORE.