I came to Philadelphia in 1997 to study graphic design and illustration at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life and now live in South Philly.  I enjoy enriching my life through art, my urban environment and my family.  For the past eighteen years I have worked at the family run Beyer Studio Inc. in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.  It is one of the most reputable stained glass studios in the country.  The environment at the studio is a creative one.  It is where I’ve learned the rich history and ancient techniques used in the stained glass medium.   

 I've participated in a number of different public art projects.  Art in the Open in Philadelphia is a great program that puts the artist in direct interaction with the public.  I built the Psychedelic Stained Glass Kaleidoscope.  That got the attention of two French Filmmakers who were interested in what I was doing with the type of stained glass artwork I was creating.  The Streetosphere is a collection of documentary films of 26 minutes, directed by Tanguy Malibert and Quentin Largouët, produced by La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse for the French channel Voyage.  I was lucky enough to be a featured artist in the episode they shot in Philadelphia.  What’s left of that piece, can still be seen at Capitolo Park in South Philly.  

I have showed my stained glass work at the National Liberty Museum, the Rincliffe Gallery at Drexel University, and as part of the American Glass Guild Conference.  My most recent exhibition was at the Philadelphia International Airport. I am the resident artist at Halcyon Floats in Philadelphia, have art works on display there as well. My next exhibition entitled  Light as Memory:  A Recollection of Stained Glass by Justin Tyner  will be on display at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens next year 2019.

My public street art installs are sometimes featured on a popular street art blog called Streets Dept.

Here’s a quick video of Koresh Walker and I putting work up at the Philadelphia Rail Park in 2017.

I have a twelve year old son, Hendrix, and a beautiful talented wife, Meghan.  In my spare time, I fish for trout , play drums in my band, Roaring Silence, and attend two reading groups, one poetic and one psychedelic.